Like you, we started an experience business because we wanted to do what we love and share life-changing moments with the world.

We had great times and made lasting memories with amazing people building Rise Festival and Beyond Adventures in the Sahara Desert and the Swedish Archipelago.

As Experience Creators, we had big ambitions to grow our business but were fighting each day with the wrong tools – something that prevented us from sharing more experiences with the world and ultimately reaching our potential. 

Traditional e-commerce tools hadn’t worked because they were made for selling ‘things’ like candles and T-shirts rather than experiences that require days, weeks, nights, accommodations, add-ons, transport and more! Booking tools were restrictive and worked for one type of experience and nothing else, and – worse still – didn't give our customers the journey they deserved. It truly sucked. 

So, we made it our mission to build the dream platform we wish we'd had – a home built for creating and selling experiences. 

And we’ve designed every feature especially to support you and help your experience business grow with tools that make you unstoppable. 

We started out wanting to support Experience Creators by providing a marketplace to sell your experiences. 

But what we soon realised is that you didn't need another marketplace or listings site. What you needed was a home of your own – a home designed especially for you, to suit your needs, where anything was possible. To help Experience Creators, like you, reach their potential.

Introducing Easol – the all-in-one toolkit for Experience Creators.

Easol is your space to create, your space to build, your space to grow your experience business.

Like the supportive role of an artist’s ‘easel’, we’ve got your back. And we’re building a platform to enable you, a new generation of Experience Creators, to build a business doing what you love. 

Over the past three years we’ve been honoured to help and support so many of your experience businesses launch and grow. It’s been one hell of a ride and we’re just getting started! 

Here's some nice things you said...

“What an incredibly brilliant platform” Dom - Creator, Orbit DJ Retreats

“We are fully booked up thanks to our new website!” Hector - Creator, Unplugged Cabins

"The platform has been transformative to our business." Theo - Creator, LoveTrails, Atjan Wild Islands, and Global Trail Day

“The best thing I did to get my very first retreat off the ground.” Andi - Creator, OuiWe

“The platform has been paramount to launch Resurface as a credible, global brand”  Josh - Creator, Resurface Retreats

“Great design, fast support, professional service.” Ed - Creator, Evossi and Trail Pursuit Running

“You really thought of everything for experiences! - Mantas - Creator, Surf, Yoga, Beer

“Seamless process to build our website! The team are always on hand to support with any questions and often go above and beyond to help." Megan - Marketing Manager, Life Lessons with the Sunday Times

"Honour working with you. You guys rock my world!" Benji - Creator, Meadows in the Mountains

What’s next?

We’re excited to share the news with you that we’ve been joined on our journey alongside Y Combinator by world-class investors in technology Notion (Go Cardless, DueDil), Slow Ventures (Facebook, Slack) and Foundation Capital (Netflix, Uber). 

Our team has grown and we're working day and night to bring you some majorly exciting new features and platform updates over the coming weeks and months! As well as our new brand identity in early 2021.

The Easol Crew!

Now, more than ever, the world needs more experiences. 

We know this has been an unimaginably challenging time for you. Our businesses thrive on human connection and intimacy. But we know better times are around the corner and our desire to share moments together once more has never felt more real. 

Let’s get back to doing what we love.

Join our community - ‘Troupe’

Growing an experience business is hard. Especially in the ever-changing, challenging world we are living in today. Ever been stuck for ideas and wished you’d had others to lean on and share notes with? Wondered whether you’re charging enough for your experience? Wanted to get feedback on your new idea or nailed a launch and just wanted to celebrate with others that ‘get it’?

We’re launching a Slack channel for our ‘Troupe’ of Experience Creators on Easol looking to be a part of creative and entrepreneurial, experience-loving conversations. 

Troupe will be a space where Experience Creators can share knowledge, learn from and collaborate with others, whether that’s navigating tricky situations, seeking recommendations for locations and suppliers or forming new partnerships together. Troupe will be a vibrant community to lay the foundations for diverse and inclusive experiences worldwide. 

Troupe members will have access to exclusive events and experiences run by Easol along with our community of expert designers, developers and marketers with specialised knowledge of all things experiences. Let’s travel together as Creators on this journey together. If you’re interested in joining our Troupe community hit this link and get involved!


Lisa Simpson

Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Easol