Sell moments not things this Black Friday

Black Friday is just a few days away – here are 6 tactics to maximise your sales with Easol.

Across Easol, Black Friday has seen experience creators drive up to 20 times their regular sales.

The amount of customers looking to purchase during this period has risen by up to 6%. More demand and less consumer spending power in this challenging economic climate means competition over Black Friday is fiercer than ever. Although Black Friday takes place on 25th November, many businesses are now using the whole month to drive sales. 

Here’s how to make the most of this sales opportunity with these handy tips for success, powered by Easol’s tools for conversion.

1. Drive email sign ups to push sales now

Email sign-ups are your secret weapon for success in any promotional campaign. It creates FOMO, momentum and interest outside of your regular campaign activity and gives you a targeted list to reach out to when your campaign goes live. 

Clearly communicating an incentive around signing up, whether that’s being first to hear about new line-up information, or the chance to win a prize draw, is crucial to getting your customers to engage with your campaign and convert. 

Don’t overcomplicate this sign-up page - make it simple, concise and make sure the call to action and sign up is viewable above the fold in the hero section on desktop and mobile to maximise conversion. 

To speed up the time it takes to go live, use a sign-up template from one of Easol’s free website themes. No coding is required to get set up — just add your copy, upload an eye-catching image and connect your email marketing account.

Consider the framing around your sign up carefully. Why should people sign up to your list?

2. Offer free items

A little generosity can go a long way on Black Friday in particular, helping not just with gaining you a customer, but also a fan. 

Customers could gain access to an exclusive yoga class, a VIP surf lesson or a meet and greet with an artist. Using modifiers, you can add these promotional items to existing tickets, packages or other variants and then leave the cost blank to mark them as free. Call attention to the promo by adding a ‘hint’ at checkout and updating your variant copy. Ensure what you’re adding is relevant to your brand and its audience, works within your profit margin and doesn’t decrease the value of your overall customer experience. 

3. Promote a discount or special offer

Buy one get one free, 30% off, half price tickets.  Everyone loves a good deal and Easol gives you a range of options for offering one to your customers: 

Use the ‘Promotions’ feature to offer  discounts for all website visitors at checkout - displayed either as a percentage or an amount.

Or use the ‘Voucher Codes’ feature to allow customers to claim a discount with a unique code at checkout - either a percentage, an amount or buy one get one free,  great for running multiple campaigns for different audiences at once.

Both features can be applied to individual variants or extras that you’ve created, or every item you’re selling. The choice is yours. 

Winter sports and music festival Rise use the promotions feature by driving highly engaged mailing list subscribers towards a unique URL where they can enjoy group discounts. Festival Director of Rise Jamie Thompson’s top tip: display discounts as an amount, e.g. £20 OFF (as opposed to a percentage), to really hammer home the savings that customers can make. 

Plus, you can offset price cuts during promotional periods by upselling customers with add-ons at a later date or marketing full price tickets to their friends. 

4. Remove booking fees for a day 

On Easol you keep 100% of the booking fee. You can choose to charge whatever you like as a percentage on top of a sale - 10%, 5% or even 0%. 

On Black Friday, why not experiment with removing booking fees entirely? For higher value items that traditionally carry larger fees - waiving these can push interested customers to convert during the sales period. 

5. Try payment plans with low down payment options

Across Easol, payment plans account for well over a quarter of tickets purchased ( 33% in 2022 so far), when it's offered as a payment option. One of the most popular features on Easol, payment plans allow customers to spread the cost of larger items across multiple instalments - and as the creator you have a range of options on how you put these together. Including: 

  • Choosing the amount of instalments 

  • Customising the price of the initial down payment 

  • Charging a fee to customers who choose to pay via a payment plan 

Why not get creative with payment plans? Offer a £0 initial down payment on an item in order to draw customers in. You can then add a fee to this payment plan to drive extra revenue for your business in the long run. 

6. Test and validate your landing pages, messaging and offers

Can’t decide if a percentage or monetary discount will perform better? Not sure what message to put on your landing page? Why not remove the gut feel from the equation and objectively A/B test your hypotheses?

Google Optimise is a brilliant free A/B testing platform that lets you test different variations of web pages. To get started:

  • Decide what it is you want to test. As an example, you might test the effectiveness of a 20% discount vs a £20 discount. Let’s assume your ticket £100 - the end result of these discounts is the same, £20 off, but the perceived value to the customer might be very different.

  • Create 2 versions of a landing page. One with the £20 offer (version A) and one with the 20% offer (version B).

  • Install Google Optimise via your Google Tag Manager. Here’s how.

  • Set up the test on Google Optimise. Here’s how. You might want to direct 50% of traffic landing on your homepage to landing page A and the other 50% to landing page B.

  • Google Optimise will run the test until it reaches statistical significance or until you tell it to stop. Black Friday is only a day, but these experiments might inform how you position offers or messaging in the future.

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