Small Collection

For small collections eg 2-10 experiences.

Uros Mikic
Lisa Simpson
Paulina Akkeson

Theme Features

Created for small collections

This configuration is designed for selling a small collection of experiences where a search and index is not required eg. is 2-10 is a guide.

Image preview navigation

Profile pop out, grid and swiper functionality to hero a programme or line up.

Deposit & Stock level indicator

Automatic display on product cards and pages to indicate inventory levels and increase conversion.

Multiple product card display

Hero, dual, triple product card display and swiper functionality.

Convert enquiries to sales

Collect and convert leads using enquire now feature.

Social proof

Visual testimonial display for building trust with customers.

Studio themes come with:

Customisable content sections across all theme pages.

Social media icons.

Fonts, colour pallets and backgrounds.

Product page template designed for experiences (including virtual) with or without accommodation.

Free stock images from and custom photography filters.

Free-upgrade to another configuration within theme family - solo, small or large collection.

Search engine optimisation.

Free set up support for configuration and developers.

Free theme updates.

Theme Story


The Vagabond theme was was created to evoke nostalgia with experiences connected to cultural history and a visual identity that speaks to creatives and vintage enthusiasts. The colour palette is inspired by the vistas on American road trips, and the vintage cars that travel on them. The use of textures as backgrounds are designed to convey the vintage and handmade elements of the design.


Vagabond Heritage Explorers is a concept by Easol to showcase nostalgic journeys with a modern twist - these are experiences that involve an element of bygone craft or culture with creativity as a focal point.


This theme has been designed and created by studio experts in the fields of festivals, events, experience commerce, UI design and SEO.