Introducing Easol Resale: Secondary ticketing that's yours.

Integrated secondary ticketing that's secure and seamless with end to end control.

For too long, experience creators have had to stitch together clunky third-party tools, handle secondary markets that scam their customers and tarnish their brand — all while losing visibility over customer data and missing out on potential revenue.

In fact, research has shown that festival ticket scams have increased by 128% over the last 12 months compared to the previous year. Not only are customers being robbed, but experience and event creators are also losing as much as $30,000 in revenue to fraud per event.

That’s why, today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Easol Resale — the new toolkit enabling you to take end-to-end control over the ticketing experience by bringing secondary sales in-house. 

Finally, you can resell tickets on your terms, set your own prices and booking fees, eliminate fraud, fill your experience with genuine fans and grow your revenue with a fully integrated platform, all in one place. 

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Reclaim control over ticket resale

With Easol Resale, you have the power to become the official reseller for your own experiences and events, which means you can recapture all the revenue that previously went to third-party resale platforms. 

You get complete control over what inventory is (and isn’t) available for resale, when resale goes live and what the resale price is. This opens up opportunities to experiment with different pricing strategies throughout your sales cycle.

Similar to regular inventory on Easol, you also get to charge your own custom booking fee for re-listed tickets and decide whether sellers get refunded on booking fees. 

Provide a stellar customer experience

Finally, you can make resale secure, on your own website, so that your customers can safely resell and purchase secondary tickets — keeping fraudsters out.

Sellers will love the flexibility if they can no longer attend your experience, while buyers will enjoy the peace of mind, knowing that they’re purchasing real tickets at standard, fair prices.

Easol Resale is built with customer experience in mind, so that the process is as easy as clicking a button and sellers get refunded without delay when their tickets are resold.

Lower the risks, boost the attendance 

By having total ownership over your entire ticketing process, you can ensure maximum attendance for your experiences through resale without any of the risks associated with fan-to-fan marketplaces.

No more wildly inflated prices or unfair fees; instead of dealing with negative reviews caused by scammers on third-party platforms, you can fill your experiences with genuine fans while protecting your brand’s reputation.

Streamline experience operations

As an all-in-one toolkit for managing your experience business, Easol Resale is fully integrated with the rest of the Easol platform — from your website and inventory to payments and booking. 

That means when your customers resell their tickets, they get refunded and their booking gets transferred to the buyer automatically.

Finally, you can streamline your operations and use all that time you would normally spend on manually issuing refunds and updating bookings, on promoting your experience and boosting sales.

Own 100% of your customer data

With full control over the ticketing experience, you also own 100% of your customer data — the way it should be! 

Get real-time reporting on how many tickets have been submitted for resale, with full visibility on your inventory, what’s been sold, what’s been resold and what stock’s still remaining. This allows you to adjust your sales and marketing strategy in the lead up to your experience, so that you can maximise revenue as much as possible. 

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