Samantha brings 12 years of storytelling and creative strategy to experience creators worldwide. She has developed a unique process for capturing a brand’s voice, values, and the meaningful journey that guests experience on each adventure. Her diverse background working with food & beverage destinations, art & design experiences, outdoor adventure travel, and transformational travel designers enables her to bring a unique perspective to the marketing process. Samantha's passion-driven mission is to help experience creators design an enriching & immersive narrative (on and offline) that guests can’t get enough of.




Sonja S. - Hotelier & Experience Designer

It is so nice to stumble upon someone in this big world that speaks your language and understands where you want to go. And trust me I have been searching for a long time. It was so lovely to work with you, I could not have done this without you.

Brittney V. - Boat Charter Host

With Samantha's help, we were able to pin down the perfect slogan. I cannot recommend working with Samantha enough - she is incredibly gifted at examining the many layers of an experience in order to find the tangible nuggets of gold that a brand can harness and highlight. A true catalyst for transformation in the tourism industry!

Michael B. - Travel Designer & Retreat Planner

Working with Samantha to identify and really bring to life the archetypes of our customers had a profound and powerful impact on our company's strategic direction, the services and programs we offer, and the overall success of our business. I can't recommend letting Samantha guide you on your own storytelling and archetypal journey strongly enough.

Jake H. - Travel Designer & Retreat Planner

Sam has an incredible way of taking complex and nebulous ideas, wisdom, and science and crafting a message that is simple, yet provocative, imaginative, insightful, and always seems to spur on engagement.

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