Spekk is the digital advertising agency for high-consideration products. We are specialized in driving sales through social media advertising for products that demand more consideration from their potential customers. Since first cracking this formula while working as the in-house marketing team for The Yacht Week, we’ve iterated and applied it with great success to a number of fantastic experiences around the world. Perhaps most noteworthy is our work with Envision Festival in Costa Rica where we tripled revenue over three years. Other destination festivals we work closely with include SXM Festival in the Caribbean and Rise Festival in the French Alps. Closer to home, we’ve helped a wide range of UK festivals, including Gottwood, Love Trails and El Dorado.




Envision Review

"Spekk turned what was once a weakness into our greatest strength. They helped us capture the magic of the event and turn it into a cohesive sales and marketing strategy that tripled our revenue. We are forever grateful for our experience working with them." - Josh Wendel, Founder, Envision Festival

Yacht Week Review

"Spekk feel more like a supercharged in-house marketing team than an agency. Seamless integration and unbelievable work ethic. Always a pleasure" Nik Valentine, CMO, Yacht Week


"Spekk wasn't just a partner; they wove themselves into Ecoversity's success. Their unwavering commitment extended to supporting pivotal decisions which fostered our sustained success. They're a smart team and possess an incredibly ethical backbone—one you can rely on. I'm endlessly grateful for the many hours, good laughs, and epic results with the Spekk team.” - Alexa Rosenthal, Founder, Ecoversity

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