5 types of experience businesses growing with Easol

From wellness, sports, festivals, adventure to food and drink - see how these creators are transforming the way they sell with experience commerce.

Sell any experience, anywhere

Whether it's kayaking to secret islands in the Swedish Archipelago or exploring the depths of Transylvanian forests for brown bears, or partying with camels under the sun and stars of the Sahara Desert – a single experience can change your life.

We’ve seen this firsthand as experience creators of Rise Festival and Beyond Adventures (read our story here).

As experience creators, we’re passion-led entrepreneurs crafting moments we wish to see in the world.

It’s truly the best job in the world.

But creating and selling experiences hasn't been easy. For too long, you've been stitching together ineffective tools, manually tracking bookings, paying third-party booking fees, investing heavily in custom solutions, and biting your knuckles in frustration.

That’s why we built Easol – the first ever Experience Commerce platform. It's e-commerce specially designed for selling experiences.

Meet some of the experience creators growing with Easol 

We're proud to be powering the most exciting experience businesses on the planet. Here some of the most common types of creators growing with Easol:

(1) Wellness 

Yoga, meditation, herbalism, sound healing, creative retreats. Over the years, more and more people are prioritising their mental and physical wellbeing. Wellness experience creators provide an escape for their guests to destress, recover, and reconnect.

At Imara Retreats, for example, they create immersive, emotive, life-changing experiences, with a focus on wellness, mindfulness, personal growth, and professional development for women of colour.

With Unplugged, Ben Elliott and Hector Hughes have created a cabin-in-the-woods concept to give people an opportunity to disconnect from devices (they literally lock away your phone) and embrace nature. See how they successfully launched their wellness experience under a pandemic lockdown here.

From the woods to the ocean, SurfYogaBeer (SYB) is another wellness experience business running on Easol. With international retreats in destinations like Nicaragua and Croatia, as well as local events spread across the U.S. and London, Easol has helped them reach new audiences and thrive.

Using Easol was the best decision we made for our business!” – Mantas, CEO of SYB.

(2) Sports

Snowsports, trail running, surfing, paddleboarding, horseback riding, cycling. There’s a whole world of creators turning familiar sports into extraordinary experiences. 

GCN (Global Cycling Network) is a perfect example of this. With their viral YouTube channel, they’ve created world-class cycling events where participants can ride alongside GCN presenters. When they migrated to Easol, they were excited by all the new functionalities at their fingertips.

"Easol has been a key partner for GCN and, as a one-stop solution, the platform has excellent functionality for our website front-end and a complete suite of tools to power our backend sales and CRM, which has allowed us to scale up into different markets to reach our global audience.” – James, GCN

Another experience creator growing with Easol is Love Trails. They create unique trail running experiences, such as Atjan Wild Islands in the Faroe Islands, where runners can participate in races and meet like-minded people from around the world.

(3) Festivals

Music, arts, comedy, art shows, talks, exhibitions. These events, whether they span a few hours or several days, seek to cultivate shared passions, cultures, and interests.

Check out Envision Festival, where they have created one of the world’s most unique lifestyle festivals, covering art, culture and wellness, at a beautiful location on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

Over in Scotland, Otherlands are bringing music, art, food and more to create an all-encompassing, multi-sensory festival experience.

(4) Adventure

Hiking, kayaking, climbing, wild swimming. Thrill seekers and explorers are looking for physical and mental challenges, in destinations off the beaten path. And adventure experience creators provide just that.

Large Minority, for instance, create team adventures and challenges in beautiful locations like Sri Lanka and Croatia, that give back to the communities they visit.

(5) Food & Drink

Secret dining, culinary retreats, wine tastings. Food and drink experience creators cater to our tastebuds and help us better understand the things we consume. 

And that’s exactly what Cook Eat Discover is doing with their immersive Italian food adventures. Their chef-led gastronomy retreats in Tuscany and pop-up workshops in London are inspiring people everywhere.

It’s time you had the right tools

We believe that with the right tools, anyone can turn their passion into an empire. So we made them – and brought them together to work in sync, all in one place.

Finally, experience creators can:

  • Sell any unit you can think of – days, nights, weeks, seats, room and board, paddle-boards, entrées, and more. Go big, small, global, local, virtual. Anything's possible.

  • Sell on your terms – run your entire experience business all in one place. No more broken integrations, pricey custom coding, or third-party booking fees. You own the experience, data, and customers. Your business is your business.

  • Grow your business, fast – launch ambassador programs, create affiliate campaigns, automate marketing sequences, and launch and build new experiences – in seconds.

To learn more about how Easol works, read the full breakdown of our experience commerce platform. 

Book a demo today to learn how you can grow your business on Easol. We can’t wait to see what experience you’ll create next.