Introducing Easol Website Themes

Creating, launching and selling experiences just got faster with our website themes.

Sell any experience, anywhere

A lot goes into building a website to sell experiences. From web design to content management and payment integration, it’s a process that can take weeks, or even months. 

That’s why we built website themes. With our themes, you can now create and launch experiences faster, sell more and increase conversions – taking you from blank canvas to beautiful website in a matter of hours.

Built with UX and SEO experts, our website themes are optimised for booking conversions, with configurations to sell any experience, anywhere. Every theme can be used with or without customisation – the choice is yours.

How to use website themes

Building your website with our themes is easy  – you don’t need any technical skills.

1. Choose your theme

Pick a theme to get started. Alchemist is a perfect blank canvas with plenty of customisable layouts to suit your brand’s and experience needs. Check Unplugged and San An Conex to see how others are using the Alchemist to really hero their branding and experiences.

Vagabond’s another beautiful theme that screams wanderlust. Its design and layouts incorporate vintage elements for a playful, youthful vibe. Átjan Wild Islands’ site, built with Vagabond, is a great example. 

2. Pick a configuration

Different experiences need different website configurations (structures) and layouts to ensure the best booking journey for your customers. With our themes, you can choose a configuration that best suits the experiences you sell. For example:

  • Retreats – For a collection of themed retreats and trip experiences happening in various locations.

  • Festival – For an annual festival event featuring add-on experiences and accommodations.

  • Workshops –  For a collection of virtual and in-person workshops and events, featuring special guests and educators.

  • Adventure – For a collection of adventure tours, expeditions and annual trips taking place in different places.

3. Create your website

Add your styles, branding and content to create your website. Our themes comes with a library of content blocks – from hero videos to newsletter signups – that you can use to build your site. Check out our step-by-step guide on customising your website theme for more information.

Launching your website

Once you’re happy with your website, just connect your branded domain name and launch!

Easol provides everything you need to host your website, including SSL certificates. Our fast, reliable and unmetered hosting support ensures there’s no downtime during flash sales, promotions and launches.

And if you’re moving your website from another platform, like WordPress or Squarespace, check out our SEO site migration guide to boost your Google search rankings.

Need help building your website?

If you’re tight on time or would prefer an expert do the heavy lifting, you can quickly find support on our Partners Directory.

Easol Partners are approved, independent freelancers and agencies specialising in branding, web design, development and more. Partners can help you build your website using a standard Easol theme or create custom themes from scratch. Learn more about different ways to build your website.

Our support team’s always here to help answer questions and offer best practices on building a high-performance website for experiences.

Build your website on Easol today

We believe that with the right tools, anyone can turn their passion into an empire. As an all-in-one experience commerce platform, we don’t just let you create a beautiful website with themes – Easol’s packed with marketing features to help you launch and sell more experiences. 

Ready for the next step? Book a demo now to get started.