The new way to sell experiences online

Introducing Easol: The first Experience Commerce platform for managing your entire experience business, on your terms.

Welcome to Experience Commerce

We know how challenging it's been for experience creators, like you, to sell experiences without the right tools because we've done it ourselves. From stitching ineffective tools and manually tracking bookings, to paying third-party booking fees and investing heavily in custom solutions – we’ve seen it all. 

So in 2017, we set out on a mission to tackle all the reasons the old ways of selling experiences don’t work. And that’s how Easol was born.

Easol is the first ever Experience Commerce platform – that’s e-commerce reimagined and redesigned for selling experiences.

How Easol works

With Easol, we’ve combined everything you need to manage your entire experience business – syncing your website with smart booking, payment, and marketing tools. Finally, experience creators can:

(1) Sell any experience, anywhere

Easol is designed for experience creators operating anywhere in the world, selling any kind of experience.

Take Lucid Festival, for example. Not only does it sell tickets to exhibitions, performances, and workshops, but it also sells accommodations (both hotel rooms and entire properties)and add-ons (such as airport transfers).

In short, you can sell any unit you can think of: days, nights, weeks, seats, room and board, paddle-boards, entrées, and more. Go big, small, global, local, virtual. Anything's possible.

(2) Run your entire experience business all in one place

No more broken integrations, pricey custom coding, or third-party booking fees. You own the experience, data, and customers. Your business is your business. 

(3) Grow your business, fast 

With Easol, you can launch ambassador programs, creating affiliate campaigns, automating marketing sequences, and creating and building new experiences – in seconds.

“Easol has been a key partner for GCN and, as a one-stop solution, the platform has excellent functionality for our website front-end and a complete suite of tools to power our backend sales and CRM, which has allowed us to scale up into different markets to reach our global audience.” – James, Global Cycling Network

5 ways Easol is helping experience businesses sell more

Selling out tickets, rooms, seats... this is what it’s all about for us experience creators. Here’s how Easol helps you do just that.

(1) Make your website your brand's masterpiece

Take control of your brand. With Easol, you can present your experiences the way you want on your own website on your own custom domain. On top of free SSL certificates and reliable web hosting, we also provide:

Website Themes – A fresh canvas for your brand

When it comes to selling online, appearances matter. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in the design of our website themes. No more standardised pages on experience marketplaces that look like every other business. Whether you choose a free theme out-of-the-box or want to fully customise your website, you can be confident that your experience business will look its best.

SEO – Make sure your site gets seen

For many experience creators, SEO is an essential source of traffic and revenue. That’s why Easol comes with smart SEO tools to make sure your site gets seen, including meta tags and redirects. Planning to migrate to Easol from another CMS? Check out our SEO site migration guide to effectively maintain your search rankings.

(2) Sell without limits, effortlessly

It goes without saying that sales is the foundation of any experience business. So, you can bet Easol is packed with features to help you sell efficiently and effectively:

Guest Info – The easiest way to collect customer details

Collecting individual guest information is one area that makes selling experiences much more complicated than physical or virtual goods.  From flight times and medical conditions to emergency contact information, you’re either forced to manually chase customers via emails and phone calls or create lengthy forms at booking that drag down conversion rates. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Using Easol, you can automatically remind guests to send you the critical information you need to run your experiences smoothly. And you have full control over how you want the information to be received – collect information one week after purchase or one week before departure time, whatever is most convenient for you. Plus, you won’t have to make your customer trudge through gnarly forms at booking to make a purchase. A win-win for everyone.

Series – Your experiences, on repeat

Traditional e-commerce and marketplaces don’t make it easy to sell recurring in-person or virtual experiences. We solved this issue with the series function in Easol, which allows you to sell and manage experiences that have multiple departure/start dates. Perfect for ongoing events, retreats, classes, and activities.

Modifiers – Full flexibility on booking options

We’ve built modifiers into Easol so that you can add extra options to anything you sell, such as departure times and meal preferences. Modifiers are also a great way to apply add-ons to experiences and increase the average purchase value per customer. Click around this booking page demo for an example.

(3) Get paid in ways your customers will love

Easol comes with a secure payment system, so your customers will never have to leave your website to make a purchase. We’ve also incorporated flexible payment options, including multi-currencies, so you can get paid in ways your customers will love. 

Payment Plans – Plans that pay off 

Allowing your guests to pay in instalments isn’t just great customer service, it can help your booking conversion rates soar.

“One of the key features we use is payment plans, which 90% of our customers book with and love. The office hours are also super valuable, I love being able to spitball ideas with the team and the support is fantastic! They really deliver everything they say they will do.” – Sean, Envision Festival

Deposits – A boost in purchasing confidence

Another great payment option that you can offer is deposits. This can help increase conversions by decreasing the amount customers are required to pay upfront to confirm a booking.

Booking Fees – Sell on your terms

Booking engines and experience marketplaces leave you with no choice – booking fees are a given. With Easol, charge what you want, or pass on the savings to your customers. The decision is entirely up to you, as it should be.  

(4) Grow your business like a global enterprise

Easol’s native marketing tools and smart integrations lets you go bigger, faster, and smarter.

Recommendations – Answer enquiries at record speed

Custom quotes are the bread and butter for many experience businesses. But it often means spending an hour or more creating and formatting a document. With Easol, you can send your customers pre-built baskets, with a personal message, that’s ready to book in seconds. 

“We had 75% conversion using Easol's custom bookings feature… Easol has allowed us to create urgency in booking with the added benefit of a personalised response that has accelerated the guest booking process.” – Ben, Unplugged

Learn more about Unplugged's story here.

Abandoned Checkout – Win back customers

Abandoned checkouts are inevitable when selling online. That’s why we’ve made it simple for experience creators to upload abandoned checkouts directly to your marketing tools for remarketing. 

Promotions – Give customers an offer they can’t refuse

With Easol, we make it easy to create limited-time discounts to sell experiences. Set discounts as a monetary amount or a percentage, and apply them to specific products or to specific variants.

Discount Codes – Delight new and loyal customers

Create voucher codes that customers can enter at checkout to receive monetary/percentage discounts or buy one get one free offers. It’s a great way to track different marketing campaigns and convert customers. See here for an example.

Ambassadors – Boost your referrals

Turn your fans into your biggest sales channel with the ambassadors feature in Easol. You can invite your community to represent your brand and reward them directly for driving traffic or sales. 

“One special part we’re very pleased with is the ambassador team that we’ve built. There’s 20 guys and gals dotted around the UK all loving their trail running and yoga, and want to spread the good vibes and get more people out moving and into nature.” – Ed, Trail Pursuit

Learn more about Trail Pursuit's story here.

Google/Facebook Integrations – Maximise your marketing stack

No more fiddling with CSV files. With Easol, you can seamlessly integrate your products directly with Google and Facebook catalogs for remarketing campaigns. You can also implement Google Tag Manager across your whole site to add your preferred analytics tools.

(5) Find help whenever you need it

Managing an experience business isn’t always smooth sailing. We have support features to help you troubleshoot problems and guide you on your journey.

“The expertise and enthusiasm about our field of business is quite something - as a partner Easol is dedicated to helping us with the success of our business. Not to mention lightning support responses even at 1am!” – Manta, SurfYogaBeer

Support Team – Launch with confidence

Our support team is here to help you get to the launch of your new website, quickly and efficiently. You can always expect a 24hr response time from our support team. 

Easol Partners Directory – Bring your vision to life with great talent

The Easol Partners Directory is full of talented designers, branding specialists, and web developers – approved for the Easol platform – that can help bring your experience business to another level.

Pro Support – For big-hitting experience businesses

Easol Pro members get access to a dedicated Success Manager and Launch Engineer to help you onboard and launch. You can also book team training sessions and office hours with an Easol platform expert to discuss anything to help you grow - marketing, operations, brand and more.

Get started with Experience Commerce on Easol today

Experience commerce won’t just make selling experiences easier, it will help you grow faster than ever before. Want to see Easol in action? Book a demo today and see how experience commerce can grow your business.