Open Letter - create moments, not things

Why we built Easol - an open letter to experience creators worldwide.

Our experiences shape us

Whether it's kayaking to secret islands in the Swedish Archipelago, exploring the depths of Transylvanian forests for brown bears, or partying with camels under the sun and stars of the Sahara Desert – a single experience can change your life.

An emerging tidal wave of consumers knows this. They can't wait to find, and buy, experiences they'll remember for the rest of their lives. From festivals to deep sea dives to surf therapy, they're looking for connection, purpose, and freedom. Or, at the very least, one helluva story.

They're seeking moments, not things.

Selling experiences is the opportunity of a lifetime

In the coming years, there will be a huge desire for adventure and connection following these times of uncertainty and isolation. Experiences will be the gold rush of a generation – on a global scale.

But experiences can't be mined. They have to be created.

We know how challenging it's been for experience creators, like you, to sell experiences without the right tools because we've done it ourselves.

For too long, you've been stitching together ineffective tools, manually tracking bookings, paying third-party booking fees, investing heavily in custom solutions, and biting your knuckles in frustration.

Here's why:

Traditional e-commerce platforms are meant to sell things, like T-shirts and snowboards, so they're bad at handling the complexities of selling experiences.

  • They can't take payments as deposits, instalments, or group bookings.

  • They can't manage individual flight times, dietary restrictions, or accommodation preferences.

  • They can't organise SKUs as days, nights, room types, departure dates, add-ons, and more.

Experience marketplaces promise they'll make it easy for customers to find you, more sales, and reliability. They ask for a big slice of the pie in exchange for making it bigger. But the marketplace controls your brand, your online experience, your data, your insights, and your customers. In reality, it's their pie and they can take it whenever they want.

Booking tools get paid by holding you and your customers hostage. They require payments to be handled on their terms and on their websites, so they can justify excessive booking fees and steal all your customers' data. It's not a crime, but it sure feels like it.

None of these tools were designed for experiences to be sold directly by those who create them.

We believe that with the right tools, anyone can turn their passion into an empire. So we made them.

Introducing: Experience Commerce

It's e-commerce reimagined and designed for experiences.

Make any experience, anywhere.

Sell any unit you can think of: days, nights, weeks, seats, room and board, paddle-boards, entrées, and more. Go big, small, global, local, virtual. Anything's possible.

Sell on your terms.

Run your entire experience business all in one place. No more broken integrations, pricey custom coding, or third-party booking fees. You own the experience, data, and customers. Your business is your business.

Grow your business, fast.

Launch ambassador programs, create affiliate campaigns, automate marketing sequences, and launch and build new experiences – in seconds.

With Easol, you can work on your business, not in your business, and love what you do.

Experience commerce is built around you, the experience creator. It puts the technology, ownership, and possibilities in your hands – so you can create experiences that shape the future.

We can't wait to see what you create, and support you along the way.

Ben and Lisa

Easol Co-founders