How this surf therapy business' rebrand led to a feature in British Vogue

From branding to web design and development, see how Resurface worked with Easol Partners to launch its new brand.

As an accredited EMDR consultant, Josh Dickson knew there was a lot of value in intensive therapy retreats. After attending a therapeutic retreat himself, an idea clicked in Josh’s mind. 

“I saw how effective therapeutic retreats are, and I knew how effective surfing is on mental health. I wanted to figure out how to combine the two,” says Josh. And so Resurface was born.

A week-long, surf-therapy retreat hosted in the UK and Morocco, Resurface provides life-changing experiences for clients. The focus on surfing combined with the ocean’s ability to wash away negative energy provides clients with a unique retreat – part sport, part recovery. 

A year after launching, Resurface needed some reinvigoration itself. The company turned to Easol Partners to refresh their branding and website in order to better communicate its ethos and connect with clients. As well as achieving its goals, Resurface also attracted buzz from the likes of Vogue, Psychologies Magazine, and The Daily Telegraph.

Turning the tide

Resurface ran its website on Wix when it first launched. Like many experience creators using traditional website builders, the Resurface team bumped into limitations, especially around the booking process. 

“We had reached the limitations on Wix,” says Josh. “I realised that it took 7 clicks for a client to get to payment. After payment, I also had to follow up with each client. This took about 15-20 back-and-forth emails to collect all the information I needed.”

The issues with Wix weren’t just a burden for Resurface – they created a lousy experience for the company’s clients, too. So when Resurface found Easol, an experience commerce platform that automatically optimised the online booking journey, it was a no-brainer to make the switch. 

Working with Easol Partners

While moving from Wix to Easol, Resurface saw an opportunity to totally revamp its branding and website. That’s where Easol Partners come in. From branding to digital design and website development, Easol Partners are approved experts that you can trust to supercharge your experience business every step of the way. And that begins with:

Step 1 - Branding

To start, Resurface worked with Amy Patsalides on branding. With over 10 years of experience in brand strategy and design, Amy took the time to get to know the heart and soul of Resurface before translating it into a strong visual identity.

“We were amazed at how quickly Amy came up with our new brand assets and the quality of work she produced with our new logo, illustrations, colour palette, and merchandise,” says Josh. With Amy’s expertise, Resurface’s fresh brand added a personal touch to reinforce the retreat’s ethos of bonding and connectivity. 

Step 2 - Design

Next, Resurface worked with Uros Mikic on website design. Uros helped the team to rework and optimise the site architecture, cutting pages that weren’t needed, and adding those that were.

Josh was delighted. “Working in perfect harmony with our new brand assets, Uros created a website look that is professional, beautiful and excellent in its navigational and user journey!”

Step 3 - Development

Lastly, Josh teamed up with Che IT Group, a Ukraine-based agency, to handle the development of the new website.

“Alex and his team at Che Group developed a fantastic website for Resurface,” Josh mentioned. “All along the way we were kept informed and he was able to swiftly and clearly action what was needed and make appropriate decisions to give us what we wanted.”

Reflecting on the results

Even with the pandemic slowing the industry down, Resurface’s rebrand and website has helped grow its business and build awareness through press.

“The process and outcome has surpassed our expectations. Working with Partners has been paramount in launching Resurface as a credible and established global wellness brand,” says Josh, “we couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Resurface is now gearing up for a new wave of therapeutic retreats in autumn 2021.

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