Make bookings reimbursable with Booking Protection

Give your customers peace of mind at checkout and help increase conversion rates

For your customers, booking an experience can sometimes be daunting. Event ticket sales can go on sale a year plus in advance, a week long retreat might happen the week you come down with the flu, and unforeseen injuries make booking marathons and elite sports competitions risky so far out. 

With Booking Protection, your customers can protect their purchase at checkout and request to be reimbursed should they need to cancel for a range of unforeseen circumstances. 

The best part? Everything is managed by our protection partner, Cover Genius and its global distribution platform XCover–you won’t have to do a thing! 

Here's how it works.

What is covered?

  • Unexpected transit delays or strikes

  • Injury, illness, or death of customer or member of immediate family

  • Customer is required as a carer for another ill or injured ticket holder

  • Unexpected deployment as member of the armed forces

  • Pregnancy 

What is not? 

  • The experience or event itself: Event Insurance is a different product, and the customer is also not protected should the event be cancelled

  • Cancelling for any reason: For now your customer cannot request a reimbursement if they change their mind about attending

Reduce chargebacks and refund requests

Customers that purchase Booking Protection can make a claim through XCover, saving you valuable time reviewing support tickets and managing chargeback requests. 

See customers buy earlier 

There is no better feeling than selling out an experience way in advance. You can better plan on-the-ground knowing the capacity and it’s easier to manage expenses when you know you’re meeting your revenue targets. 

Help increase conversion rates

When customers know they are protected against unforeseen circumstances, they may be more likely to book, and could increase conversion rates. 

How does it work?

Customers will be offered Booking Protection in the checkout flow, where they will also be able to review the terms and specific coverage provided by XCover. 

If they select Booking Protection, the total cost (around 7-10% based on region) will be added to the booking total and will be collected during payment. 

If the customer chooses to pay with a deposit or via instalments, they will need to pay off the entire purchase before they are able to make a claim, meaning you will still receive the full booking amount even if they aren’t able to attend. 

Customers can submit their claims on the XCover Claims Centre. The Claims Centre will summarise all communications, claim status, and payout status,with instant payments of approved claims. 

How do I turn it on? 

Turning on Booking Protection is easy! All you have to do is reach out to and the team will turn on the feature for you. It will then be offered to all eligible customers in checkout. 

We are still in the progress of rolling out Booking Protection to customers located in the EU. If you have customers in this region, for now Booking Protection will not display as an option in checkout.

XCover Terms & Conditions

Any questions? Check out FAQs on the Help Centre.

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