Introducing checkout on your own domain

Your customers can now go from your homepage to booking - all on your own domain.

At Easol, we’re dedicated to giving the power back to experience creators (that’s you!), putting you in full control of your entire business. And today, we’re excited to announce one of our biggest platform updates - checkout on your own domain!

As of now, your customers will no longer be redirected to to make their booking and complete their purchase. That means no more domain switching. The entire customer journey – from your website homepage to checkout – is yours.

Seeing your branded domain at checkout, coupled with the free SSL certificate we provide all creators, will give your customers the confidence they need to hit that book button again and again.

Check it out...

Sounding good huh? Now just upload your customer terms to finalise your new set-up.

Checkout on your own domain is free for all creators on Easol and will be activated automatically for you. 

However, since your customers will be now making purchases directly on your domain, you will need to upload your own terms and conditions, along with a privacy policy. All you have to do is log in to your Easol account and add them under Settings > Customer Terms. This will ensure your business remains legally compliant.

If you haven’t created a terms and conditions document or a privacy policy before, we have free legal templates here for the United Kingdom, Europe, and United States, that you can adapt for your business’ needs. 

Why your customers checking out on your own domain is critical to protecting your experience business

Moving your checkout to your own domain isn’t just for looks. It’s about owning the whole customer journey, on your terms.

Protecting your business against technology and data privacy changes

Our latest platform update comes at a critical time with Apple’s impending iOS14 privacy changes, which will impact the way you advertise and track conversions. The best way to protect yourself against this is to own your whole customer journey. This will give you full visibility on traffic, purchases, and other user actions, so that your abandoned cart and retargeting campaigns can run uninterrupted.

In short, it’s the only surefire solution to ensuring your sales are not significantly affected by any future changes in technology and data privacy.

Creating an online experience your customers will love

You’ve taken so much care to turn your website into your brand’s masterpiece, the last thing you want to do is have potential customers drop off at the most critical stage – the checkout. To ensure your checkout performs its best, it needs to be as frictionless as possible.

That’s why custom domains on checkout are so important. It creates a cohesive experience, so your customers never have to second guess where they are or worry about the security of the checkout. An online purchasing experience that’s defined by you, the whole way through, will give your customers the confidence to make a booking again and again.

Got questions?

What happens to our old checkout?

The old checkout at is still active in case you have placed links to it directly on your website. However, we recommend you review your links and update them to the new checkout at your own domain.

How do I connect my domain URL to my site?

Connecting your domain URL to Easol just takes a few minutes! Simply log in to where you purchased your domain (e.g. Cloudflare, GoDaddy, Namecheap), locate your brand’s domain, and then configure the DNS settings for Easol. Check out our support documentation here for full instructions.

How can I contact support?

If you have any more questions’s or want help to set your new terms our support team is always here to help! You can contact your account manager or email