What's new on Easol: Spring 2023

From customisable dashboards to new payment methods with Klarna, check out our roundup of new features on Easol to power your experience business.

Over the past few months, our team has been working hard to bring you some hotly anticipated new products and feature updates — with a huge focus on providing more ownership over your data and more control over the way you run, sell and grow your experience business.

From customisable dashboards to new payment methods with Klarna and Instant Bank Transfer, plus website theme updates and more flexibility over bookings, check out what’s new on Easol.

Introducing Data & Insights: The new reporting toolkit to make smarter decisions for your experience business 

Having the right data at the right time can completely transform the way you sell experiences, helping you make smarter decisions for your business and grow like never before. That’s why we’re excited to launch our all-new Data & Insights product!

You can access data and reports whenever you need them, filter and export them, visualise them using customisable dashboards and get actionable insights to improve your business — all with just a few clicks.

Our team is continuously improving this new feature to help you better grow your business. Keep an eye out for even more data points, visualisations, customisation capabilities and in-depth insights.

Learn more about Data & Insights

Offer more flexible payment methods with Klarna and Instant Bank Transfer

We’ve expanded the payment methods available in Easol’s payments stack to help you boost conversion at checkout! 

Klarna allows your customers to buy now and pay later in instalments, while you get paid upfront — providing a new way to inject more cash-flow into your business. It also allows your customers to pay off their bookings after your experience takes place, giving them even greater flexibility.

Instant Bank Transfer is a secure and easy way for customers to pay directly from their bank account, with non-existent chargebacks and lower transaction fees for your business compared to credit and debit cards.

With many payment methods available, you can now toggle the payment methods that your customers can and can’t use to pay — giving you the power to decide what’s best for your business.

Learn more about Easol’s payment stack updates

New and improved ways to update your website with Palette 

We’ve released a bunch of new improvements to Palette — our website builder specially designed for experiences — and Easol’s standard website themes, including:

  • Support for animated GIFs

  • Lazy loading for images and iframes for faster load speed

  • Block and template updates for the Nomadic theme, such as countdown clock, interactive Google Map, more booking journey controls, Mailchimp signup, pop ups, featured blog posts, customisable header layouts, partner logos in footers and more

  • Block and template updates for the Alchemist theme, such as interactive Google Map, social links, content dividers, customisable header layouts, partner logos in footers and more

Want to test a new feature? Create a draft site to try these new blocks securely without affecting your live website. 

Learn more about draft sites.

More control over your bookings and checkout 

Last but not least, we’ve made some updates to your checkout and booking manager that’ll help improve the user experience on your website for your customer and give you more control over your customer support:

  • Improved design for customer accounts with clearer call-to-action for check-ins 

  • Edit guest details for bookings on payment plans (more edit capabilities coming soon!)

  • New US state field at checkout for US customers

Learn more about managing customer bookings.

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