Introducing: Creators In Session

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Creating experiences is the best job in the world. It is also one of the hardest. 

Running an experience business challenges us and our teams mentally, creatively, emotionally, and financially. And with rising supplier costs, demanding customers to impress, endless channels to market on, and a saturated marketplace to compete with, it's never been harder. 

But in the hardest of times, there are opportunities to grow, to learn and find new ways to thrive. 

The masterclass series for pro-experience creators

So today, we’re excited to announce: Creators In Session, our all-new masterclass series designed to support and inspire you in the journey to growing your experience business. The series is for Easol’s global community of entrepreneurs across the industries of festivals, sports, adventure, wellness and more.  Season 1, launching in September 2023, will focus on the festival industry - with talks, workshops and ideas featuring the world’s leading innovators from finance, technology, mindfulness, marketing, coaching, design, art, and music. 

What to expect

  • Fireside talks from the world’s most inspiring innovators 

  • Masterclasses from experts in next-generation marketing to monetisation and building high-performing teams

  • Events to meet and connect with fellow festival organisers 

  • Deep dive practical workshops to help you get the most out of the Easol platform

Together, we will celebrate the experience economy, our culture and the ways we aspire to do business today.

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