2023 Easol Product Wrapped

Dive into our biggest product launches from 2023 and see what's coming in early 2024.

2023 was the biggest year for product launches at Easol…ever! 

400,000+ lines of code brought 20+ new products and product updates, all geared towards helping experience creators better realise their goals.

To celebrate, we're rounding up some of our biggest 2023 product releases and teasing a few features that are dropping early this year.

1. Packages

Group together experiences, accommodations, extras, and more.

Packages are the best way to bundle together items and sell at either a discounted or increased rate, helping you increase basket size and drive up overall revenue when you upsell different items.

2. Easol Resale

Secondary ticketing that's secure and gives you end-to-end control.

Ticketing fraud was a hot button issue this year, with experience creators losing as much as $30,000 per event to fraud. So we released our first ever Resale product so you can host directly on your website, minimise fraud, and gain full control of the ticketing experience.

3. Updates to Booking Manager

Manually add bookings, take bookings over the phone, and even import bookings directly from another platform.

Managing your customers with precision and having visibility on every detail is crucial when running an experience business. So we launched a series of updates to cut down on the time it takes to create, change, or remove bookings so you can spend more time running your event and less time pushing paper.

4. New Payment Methods: Klarna & Instant Bank Transfer

Give customers payment flexibility by enabling them to buy now and pay later with Klarna or pay via Instant Bank Transfer.

Buy now and pay later means you get paid upfront, while giving customers the ability to pay later in regular instalments, and Klarna sees conversion rates increase up to 30% as a result. Instant Bank Transfer, on the other hand, makes payment immediate, meaning there's no risk of chargebacks and customers benefit from lower transaction fees.

5. Reporting and Dashboards

Customise your reporting needs with 15+ pre-built reports and flexible data visualisation tools.

We wanted to make it easier for creators to track overall performance, and now there's no need to download a report every time you want to view your sales. Set up reporting based on the needs of your team and leverage customisable dashboards to monitor performance in real-time.

Coming Soon

We're kicking off 2024 with a bang, bringing you two major launches to give customers more options at checkout and help boost conversion.

Group Pay

Increase conversion and create new revenue opportunity by providing customers with the option to pay together.

We know customers like to enjoy and book experiences in groups, which is why we're rolling out Group Pay so they can buy experiences and packages with friends, coworkers, family members, you name it.

Booking Insurance

Improve conversion rate by offering customers peace of mind at checkout.

By purchasing booking insurance, customers can protect their purchase at checkout should they need to cancel for unforeseen circumstances. All claims are handled by Easol and our third party partner, so you'll give customers the flexibility they need without the headache of handling disputes yourself.

We're so excited to see what the rest of 2024 brings. 🎉