New! 5 fresh ways to sell your experiences with our Booking Manager

Get more control over how you manage customer bookings and sell experiences in person, over the phone and more.

Last year, we launched the booking manager, giving you the power to edit bookings, on your terms. From adding and removing items to updating guest details and applying price reductions, we’ve built our toolkit to ensure you can provide the best customer experience and streamline your operations. But we’re not stopping there.

Today, we’re excited to announce new updates to Easol’s booking manager that’ll give you even more control, more flexibility and more ownership over how you create customer bookings and process payments. These new tools have already been used on hundreds of bookings on Easol, by dozen of creators from the worlds of festivals, sports, retreats and tours.  

Check it out… 

1. Create bookings for your customers

Now you can create bookings on behalf of your guests! Anyone who wants to book in person or over the phone can do so without going through your website.

This opens the door for new ways to convert customers and add special guests who can join your experiences for free. You can also create bookings for existing customers that want to purchase more experiences or add-ons.

2. Process payments for your customers

On top of creating bookings, you can also process payments on behalf of your customers. Accept credit card payments, put down a deposit or set up a payment plan.

This is great for customers who want to make a booking over the phone or need help completing a pending balance payment.

3. Mark bookings as paid off-platform

With so many different ways for customers to pay for experiences, you can now mark new and existing bookings as paid off-platform. This allows you to keep all your bookings in one place, regardless of how they were paid for — whether it’s in cash or on a different platform. 

4. Apply voucher codes to bookings

A highly requested feature, you can now add voucher codes to new and existing customer bookings! This makes it easier to apply percentage discounts, track marketing campaigns and create reports on offers claimed by customers. 

5. Edit bookings on active payment plans

Payment plans have become essential for experience businesses, providing customers a more flexible and affordable way to pay for experiences. Now you have the full power of booking edits for bookings on an active payment.

Change guest details, add and remove items, apply discounts and change modifier selections without impacting a customer’s payment plan.

Coming soon: Bulk import tickets

Migrating from a ticketing tool or selling tickets on a third-party platform? Soon you’ll be able to import any tickets sold elsewhere into the Easol platform. 

Centralise all your data in one place for better analytics and reporting and use Easol scanners for tickets sold everywhere.

Keep an eye out for more updates!

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