ALL NEW: Wallet pay and tools to increase booking conversions

Drive more sales and increase your basket value at checkout with wallet pay and other new conversion tools.

Over the past year, we’ve added a tonne of new ways to help you grow your experience business, at one of the most critical parts of your website — the checkout. From checkout on your domain to payment plans and modifiers, we’ve built and grown our toolkit to ensure you can capture the most sales possible for your business. But we’re not stopping there.

Today, we’re excited to announce the all new and improved checkout experience — redesigned with even more tools to help you convert more customers and generate more revenue. 

Check it out… 

1. Apple Pay and Google Pay are now available

We’ve seen time and time again that payment flexibility is one of the best ways to increase conversion rates. That’s why we’ve added Apple Pay and Google Pay to checkout.

Also known as “wallet pay”, Apple Pay and Google Pay are digital payment technologies that help make online checkout easier and faster for customers. Both Apple Pay and Google Pay are available for all payment method options, including payment in full, deposits and payment plans.

Not only is wallet pay fully optimised for mobile, but it also cuts down on the number of steps at checkout, which helps drive up conversion rates. During our BETA phase, we saw ~50% of users pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay when it was presented as a payment option.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are switched on by default and available for all creators. To learn more, check out our help article on how wallet pay works.

2. Design updates that increase conversions by 4%

We’ve given the checkout experience a total design overhaul to ensure it’s as quick and easy for customers to go from ‘add to cart’ to ‘booking confirmed’. Our A/B tests showed that the new checkout experience increased conversions by 4% compared to the previous version. 

Here’s an overview of what we updated:

  1. Staged checkout process - The checkout process is now broken into individual steps, from guest information to contact details and payment. This makes checkout less overwhelming and a lot easier to digest for your customers.

  2. Auto-fill guest information - If you have allocation enabled to collect extra guest information, customers can now use their pre-filled account details to cut down on time spent at checkout.

  3. Clearer payment methods - With multiple ways to pay for your experience, we’ve removed confusion around what options are available using better messaging.

3. Connect checkout with a custom booking journey

Want more control over your booking journey? With Easol’s website builder, Palette, you can now create a fully custom booking journey that’s tailor-made to your experience. This is perfect for large events, like music festivals and trail-running marathons, where you need to take customers seamlessly through multiple components of what’s on offer — tickets, packages, accommodations, extras, travel and more. 

Festival creators on Easol have reported an 11% increase in revenue after they switched to a custom booking journey. Custom booking journeys are available with the new Nomadic website theme or you can hire a platform-approved Easol Partner to design and build one for you.

To watch a demo of custom booking journeys, check out the Easol Showcase: Festivals Edition.

4. Coming soon: Instant Bank Transfer

Another payment method we’re excited to bring to checkout is instant bank transfer. 

Instant bank transfer is a fast and secure way for customers to pay for experiences directly from their bank account. Instead of having to manually input bank account details, this new payment method connects to the customer’s bank directly and verifies the account with biometrics. 

Plus, instant bank transfer has lower transaction fees compared to credit and debit cards and chargebacks are non-existent, which makes managing finances and inventory much easier. 

Instant bank transfer will be available soon for creators based in the UK and Europe. Keep an eye out for more updates!

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